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Help propel the global ICE (In Case of Emergency) Campaign with the ICE Your Phone™ Retail Package.

Since 2005, ICE Sticker™ visual alerts have served as the international icon of the ICE Campaign. The visual alerts have been adopted by emergency physicians, first responders, universities, and more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, as a best practice for emergency preparedness.

The need to ICE Your Phone™ has been featured in hundreds of media sources, including prominent magazines, newspapers, blogs, and news stories. Awareness of the ICE Campaign continues to grow globally. The ICE Sticker™ visual alerts have been available exclusively online - until now.

Similar to the popular yellow wristbands and the magnetic ribbons, the ICE Campaign has taken heart with consumers by connecting them to a greater cause. As unfortunate events strike around the world, from natural disasters, to unthinkable events of terror, to family tragedies such as an accident or heart attack, communication becomes paramount.

From soccer moms to construction workers to business travelers to teenagers on the go, the need for easy access to emergency contact information is universal.

The ICE Your Phone™ Retail Package offers:

Mass Appeal.
In use in more the 40 countries around the globe, the appeal of the ICE Sticker™ visual alerts is universal. In the United States alone there are over 215 million mobile phone users and growing. Answer these questions:

- Do you carry a mobile phone?
- Do you carry emergency contact information with you?

Our research tells us you DO carry a mobile phone but you don’t carry any emergency contact information. Think about it. How many teenagers carry a mobile phone, yet no ID?
One can see that the need for this product is immense.

Be a Hero. Empower your Community.

Universal Fit On All Mobile Phones.

The ICE Your Phone™ Retail Package contains 3 ICE Sticker™ visual alerts along with detachable instructions on how to ICE Your Phone™.
The visual alerts are 1” in diameter and fit on the back of any mobile phone in production today.

Made of high impact vinyl, the visual alerts are moisture resistant and will withstand the tough demands of today’s mobile phone users.

Be a Hero. Empower your Community.

Great Margins With No Cannibalization.

The ICE Your Phone™ Retail Package becomes incremental to your existing sales. No other product on the market today competes with our emergency preparedness kit. The margin opportunity for this product starts at over 50%.

- Suggested retail price of $3.99 (more than a 30% discount from the product available online)
- The ICE Your Phone™ Retail Package generates more than $657 in profit per square foot per turn.
- Every unit sold is incremental.

Be a Hero. Increase your Profits.

Easy Placement On Pegs Or Counter.

Designed with maximum merchandising flexibility in mind, the ICE Your Phone™ Retail Package can be:

- Placed on the counter or inline on a shelf. At only 5” x 5” (0.17 sq ft) this small piece allows for instant placement in a high visibility location.
- Placed on a peg. With the large peg hole and the product sized equivalent to gift and phone cards, placement will be a cinch.
- Merchandised with several categories, including gift cards, phone cards, or wireless accessories

Be a Hero. Increase your Category Profits.

E-mail sales@icesticker.com for more information on this exciting retail package.

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