ICE your phone™

How to ICE your Phone™

Step 1
CHOOSE a responsible person to be your In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contact.  Record their contact information.
Step 2
INFORM your ICE Contact that you have chosen them as your designated contact and provide them with information that may affect your treatment. Remember MAD or “M” “A” “D”.
  • Medicines –List all current medications you are taking, including herbal and organic supplements because they can and do interact with some medications.
  • Allergies – List all known allergies, especially to medications, but also to foods.
  • Doctors – Include the names and phone numbers of doctors or other medical providers responsible for your regular care.
Step 3
ADD this contact as a new entry, with their phone number, in your mobile phone address book under the heading “ICE”. Example: ICE-William or ICE-Dad. 
Step 4
APPLY the ICE Sticker™ visual alert to your mobile phone. This will serve both as a visual alert for and an invitation to emergency responders that you have established a communication protocol.


ice your phone™ tips

· To learn how to enter a new contact into your mobile phone’s address book, please contact your mobile phone manufacturer or mobile service provider.

· When entering multiple ICE Contacts, put a number directly behind the word “ICE” in each one to prioritize them for the emergency responders.  Example:  ICE1 – Mom, ICE2 – Mary.

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